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Are you  passionate about plants and good customer service? – Are you dedicated, vibrant, intelligent and a self-strater?  Tulgeen’s Riverside Nursery is hiring Horticulturists to join our happy and cohesive team and we need you!!

Current Employment Opportunities are available here or follow the main menu  to Employment Opportunities.  The applications for the Horticulturist – casual closes on 8 August so hurry!!

Enabling a Good LIfe – The Importance of Activity and Fitness

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L to R: Health & Wellbeing Coordinator spars with Wayne Ramus and Some gentle stretching for Bev Mitchell

Being physically active each day has a positive impact on health & wellbeing. Gentle exercise like walking can help reduce blood pressure and blood glucose levels, improve cardiac health, control weight, improve mental health and mood.  Exercise routines recommended by a physiotherapist help clients as they get older to maintain joint mobility and balance, reduce pain, lower the risk of falls, strengthen bones and muscles. Daily physical activity is also fun.

4   5

Health & Wellbeing Coordinator, Kate Smith works with Jeffrey Young

Participants in Tulgeen’s Resideential In-Home Support area are supported by Disability Support Workers each day to be as active as possible to enable them to live a good life.

For more information about Tulgeen’s Residential Services, click here – Find out more about Residential In-home Support or contact Rose Hulst, Clients Services Operations Manager on 6499 0828.

Tulgeen is Currently Hiring

now hiring

Have you got what it takes – are you dedicated, compassionate, passionate, vibrant, intelligent?  Tulgeen needs you to join our AMAZING team of frontline staff.

Current Employment Opportunities are available here or follow the main menu  to Employment Opportunities.  Current applications close on 19 August so hurry!!


INSYNCatMerimbula insynce

INSYNC@merimbula is Tulgeen Disability Service’s latest service offering and is based at 14 Cabarita Place, Merimbula in the Bega Valley Regional Learning Centre (formerly housing Auswide), located directly behind the Lakeview Hotel.    INSYNC@merimbula offers a broader selection of opportunities to current participants in a different space and community and also aims to draw new participants from the more southern reaches of the Shire in line with the choices offered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme which commenced locally on 1 July.

INSYNC promotes and provides social inclusion through active, creative, sporting, lifestyle, life skills, educational and artistic endeavour and activities.  These are offered in a range of settings and can be Centre or non-Centre based, at home and/or in the Community on location as determined by the activity.

IMG_3452 L-R: Chris Boyle with Catherine Williams providing entertainment at the launch

“INSYNC at Merimbula offers an opportunity for our local community in the southern reaches of the Shire and beyond to experience quality support and programmes which are currently available in Bega, without the impost of travel.  We are very excited about this and it is the first of many new and innovative initiatives planned for the coming years” said Jen Russell, Client Services General Manager at Tulgeen.

The Bega Valley Shire Council has provided INSYNC@merimbula with excellent amenities which Tulgeen is making our own.  Tulgeen especially acknowledges the support from Linda Mayo, Bega Valley Regional Learning Centre Manager from Council.


from L to R – Karen Machan INSYNC Coordinator, Jen Russell Tulgeen Client Services General Manager, Michael Britten Bega Valley Shire Mayor and Grattan Smith Chair of the Tulgeen Board of Directors.

The new service was officially launched on 8 July by Bega Valley Shire Council Mayor, Michael Britten and Tulgeen participant Jacinta Robinson.  The celebrations were attended by participants, their families and advocates, Tulgeen Directors and volunteers, staff and select dignataries.  The even was proudly hosted by Tulgeen’s Chair of its Board of Directors, Grattan Smith who paid tribute to Jen Russell and the INSYNC team.

If interested in Tulgeen’s services in Merimbula or elsewhere, please contact INSYNC Coordinator, Karen Machan 6499 0845 or insync@tulgeen.com.au.

More information about Tulgeen’s full range of service can be found here.

IMG_3437 Jacinta welcomes guests to the launch celebration


Tulgeen Goes the Extra Mile Again

Social storiesTM were created by Carol Gray in 1991 to help teach social skills to people on the autism spectrum. They are short descriptions of a particular situation, event or activity, which include specific information about what to expect in that situation and why.

At Tulgeen, our in-house Behaviour Support Specialist, Mitch van Reesch uses this tool to assist our Disability Support Workers to appropriately support and communicate with clients.

This week Mitch has created a Social Story for Shannon to explain a change in his established routine


Being routine-focused, change is often upsetting for Shannon and other people with intellectual disability.  His disability challenges his ability to comprehend change resulting in displays of challenging behaviour if change is not managed appropriately.

The use of familiar imagery and the connections to characters recognised and understood by Shannon and that provide him with pleasure are also a key trigger in delivering a positive message about change.

Tulgeen is committed to Enabling A Good Life.  Taking the effort to understand each individual and creating social stories for them are just some of the ways in which we achieve this.

Tulgeen Director Gae Rheinberger is honoured by Bega Community


Current Director and former Chair of the Tulgeen Board of Directors, Gae Rheinberger was honoured today by the Bega Community.  Mayor, Michael Britten presented Gae with a Bega Valley Shire Medallion during a meeting of Council.  Gae was overseas when the official ceremony was conducted earlier in the year and was invited to today’s meeting to belatedly receive her Award.

The Bega Valley Shire Medallion is presented for the outstanding work of volunteers across Bega Valley Shire and recognises one of the great strengths of a community, people who are prepared to give up their own time for the benefit of others and the community as a whole.



The criteria for the Bega Valley Shire Council Community Service Medallion requires that recipients have served within the Bega Valley community for an extended period of time, preferably more than 10 years, and in a number of areas and/or organisations, although consideration is given to those volunteers whose commitment to one organisation or group is such that they would not be able to give much time to other activities (for example being on call 24 hours a day, seven day a week).

IMG_3282 Gae and John Rheinberger

Tulgeen has been fortunate to have had Gae Rheinberger as a volunteer and Director for over a decade.  Tulgeen has flourished under her leadership and contributions over the years and now sits on the threshold of welcoming the National Disability Insurance Scheme and all its opportunities.

Congratulations Gae – well deserved.  The Tulgeen Community is very proud of you.


Tulgeen’s first TV Commercial to start screening on 7Prime and 7mate from 2 July

Tulgeen is pleased to announce that our first TV commercial will go to air 2 July on 7Prime and 7mate initially and moving to the other channels later.

Our thanks to Brent and Virginia Occleshaw from Gooseboy TV for hitting the brief on the head.  Tulgeen shines boldly and tenderly.

Feel free to share our advertisement widely.

Sleeping rough in Cold Canberra

In the jungle, the cold, concrete jungle, the CEO sleeps (perhaps) tonight…

Tulgeen CEO, Pete Gorton joined 1,483 other CEOs around Australia in the annual Vinnies CEO Sleepout to raise awareness and funds to alleviate and combat homelessness.  The exercise asks that CEOs experience homelessness for one night.   Pete’s sleepout location is Canberra and tonight the weather is a mild 4 degrees Celsius with a light wind and drizzle.  Pete bunks down on the concrete with a cohort of Canberra and region CEOs and leaders including Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove and the former Health Minister the Hon. Brendan Nelson.

homeless Pete Pete arrived early securing himself a prime spot  at Questacon

Unlike the many homeless Australians retiring with empty bellies and sleeping rough for real, the CEOs receive a cup of hot soup and a slice of bread for supper as if they were fortunate enough to come across a charitable food van.

homeless  Not retiring with a completely empty belly

As part of the experience, the St. Vincent de Paul Society organises a few speakers to provide the CEOs and leaders with information and facts about Homelessness in Australia.  It’s quite shocking.

homeless6 homeless 4

Governor General, Sir Peter Cosgrove and Brendan Nelson are among those supporting the Vinies CEO Sleepout

Following the presentation, the CEOs retreat to their secured spots on the concrete outside.  Some have better spots than others; more sheltered, more private, undercover, away from security lights…

However, upon exiting the presentation they find the drizzle turned to rain and their sleeping cardboard is wet. This IS the reality of homelessness – there is no reliable shelter.

pete homeless 2


More reality than anyone bargained for?

The end result as at 9.24 pm is absolutely brilliant: $5,291,004.  To all the people who have donated to Pete’s effort raising $2,475 so far you are a PART of something MUCH BIGGER. Together individuals have the power to achieve success and abundance.

homeless5Grateful thanks from our CEO, Pete Gorton.

the morning after…

The night was cold and somewhat uncomfortable but thankfully over at 5am and breakfast!!


Pete now gets to jump in his car and drive to Bega to start work

well done Pete  we’re proud of you!!


Strong Tulgeen showing at Plethora of Postcards @ Spiral Gallery

20160617_170423 20160617_170541

Art in the Garage artsist Graham Henkel and Miriam Kydd with their work

Works from Tulgeen Art in the Garage artists and clients were on show at Spiral’s annual Plethora of Postcards exhibition which opened on 17 June in Bega.

Many clients were supported by Tulgeen staff to be in attendance at the celebrations and enjoyed speaking with Spiral regulars about their work.  A number of works were sold on opening night.  Well done everyone!!