Littleton Gardens 30th Celebration


Friday 15th November marked another successful event in Tulgeen’s calendar. Littleton Gardens was the venue for clients to celebrate Tulgeen’s 30th Anniversary with the public.

Marquis were set up to display the pictorial history of Tulgeen; the Riverside Nursery showcasing a wide selection of plants; Stitches & Prints with their products; TES and Art in the Garage with a selection of art and craft works; and the Bega Valley Workcrew displayed some of their equipment.

Whilst a little bit slow to start, once the clients and staff arrived Littleton Gardens was brought to life. The Jellat Jellat Rural Fire Service provided a barbeque lunch for everyone including the passing public. A big thank you to the Robbie Thatcher the brigade captain and his able and jovial volunteers.

Apart from lunch the highlight of the event would have to have been the ‘music programme’ where clients and staff gathered for a Tulgeen famous sing along. Thanks must go to Leigh Gordon and Christine Boyle for coordinating, participating and making the sing-along such a success. And a thank you to Adele Wilson for joining in.

All in all everyone had a good day out, the Nursery and Stitches & Prints sold about $560.00 worth of plants and product; the Workcrew got a couple of jobs; and Tulgeen supplied 65 lunches to both clients & staff.
Well done everyone concerned.

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Coinspiration Art Event

Project Title: Coinspiration (proudly supported by Accessible Arts NSW)Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Art Form:   Visual Arts

Event Date : 3rd December 2013 to celebrate International Day of Disability.

Come and meet our four artists, Graeme Smith working with Kylie Ramsay and Miriam Kydd working with Annie Frankilin.

Hear them speak about their art and see them at work as they create works for a joint exhibition at Spiral Gallery later this year.

Time:  10.30am – 12.30pm

Venue:  Art in the Garage Studios at 35 Eden Street, Bega.

Cost: $0

Contact Person: Rachel  64990800