TES Crafts

Meet the two ostrichs that were created by TES clients in Jennifer Austin’s Craft Group. The pink headed one is called Gavin. The black headed one is called Jennifer.  The group has also been busy making bags, cushions and pillow covers.

Capture Ostrichs



Fun Club – Pink Ribbon Day

Another example of the type of activitiy that the Fun Club at TES  runs is the Girl’s Night Out. This was held in conjuction with ‘PINK RIBBON DAY’.  All monies raised went to Breast Cancer Fund-raising.

Fun Club – TES

This is an example of the types of activities that the Fun Club at TES runs.

The Kalaru Races.  In attendance was a good social mix of client’s who got on together and enjoyed the fashions, the races and all the hype that goes with it.

Graeme cheering