On 6 January, Tulgeen clients from INSYNC@merimbula had the opportunity to visit the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s tall ship Tenacious which was docked at local port Eden.  Facilitated by former Australian Disability Commissioner Graeme Innes who is participating as a sailor on the tall ship’s journey as it sails from Sydney across Bass Strait via ports along the way.  Tenacious is a tall ship belonging to the Jubilee Sailing Trust.  Whilst the parent organisation is UK-based, the JST have established an Australian presence – JST Australia.

The Jubilee Sailing Trust is an international, United Nations accredited disability charity, promoting integration through the challenge and adventure of tall ship sailing.  The JST takes men and women of all abilities to sea, to not only teach them how to crew a tall ship, but to promote equality, sharing and to celebrate our individual differences by working together to achieve greater things.

Supported by three supported workers, some Tulgeen clients got a lifetime opportunity to visit the Tenacious as it berthed in Eden and were show the decks and ropes by Graeme Innes.  The Tulgeen visitors got a chance to meet Captain Barbara Campbell and world champion sailor, Kylie Forth, an amputee and blind.  Graeme Innes who is blind explained how the talking compass allowed  him to steer the ship.

Such an inspiration for people with disability to see other people with disability role modelling an extraordinary life.

The JST is offering Australians of all abilities sailing adventures in 2017.  For more information click here.

2017 Message


Happy 2017 to all Tulgeen’s clients, advocates, families and supporters.  I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year.

Tulgeen has started 2017 where we left off in 2016 with the fast advance of the NDIS implementation into our region. From recent experience, it is clear that many NDIS participants presenting at Tulgeen require additional support in navigating this new system.  To explore this, a  ‘Coordination of Supports Project’ has been established to manage this element of NDIS Plan facilitation.  ‘Coordination of Supports’ is a funded item in some NDIS Plans and Tulgeen is being  requested by clients and Advocates to provide this service.  Tulgeen has recognised and identified that the actual need is greater than first anticipated, as Clients and Advocates are finding they too require additional support in managing Plans, especially these First Plans.

To meet this demand, Tulgeen has appointed a project team, comprising Mitch Van Reesch, Project Coordinator with Kate Smith and Karen Machan working collaboratively as ‘Coordinators of Support’ to facilitate the seamless delivery of services while supporting Advocates and clients with the challenges they face during transition.   The project team are all located in Cooinda at 26 Eden Street, Bega, and any enquiries about NDIS plans should be directed to the team by calling 6499 0800 or simply drop in.

This project will also measure the potential for a future Coordination of Supports business stream as the NDIS further expands in our region.  This will assist Tulgeen to identify if there is need for an ongoing Coordination of Supports and/or a  Plan Management role.   In the interim, the Coordination of Supports Project team has full carriage of this project, supervised by the CEO and with the full support of the Tulgeen team.   A reference group will be established to support this project.

To facilitate the above, Karen Machan’s role as INSYNC Coordinator will be undertaken by Heather Cameron .  Heather will manage day to day operations at INSYNC  with Karen’s continued general oversight.  Allana Ruddick will undertake INSYNC ‘s Team Leader role and Adriane Rees will lead the team responsible for INSYNC’s complex needs clients.  During this time, please direct all INSYNC enquiries  to Heather and/or Allana, in the first instance on 6499 0845.

Tulgeen has successfully lodged invoices to the NDIA  with payments made promptly.  We are progressing well with lots of interest from potential customers, and we are accepting new clients. Many current clients have received increased hours of support in their NDIS First Plans which is an excellent outcome for them,  and for Tulgeen.  As a result, Tulgeen is currently recruiting additional Disability Support Workers to join our front line team.  If you know someone with excellent integrity, a passion for working with people within a team environment, who has experience in the industry or who is interested in gaining experience, and  qualifications please refer them to our website.

This is all fantastic news for 1Tulgeen and has only been achieved by the contributions and commitment of the entire Tulgeen staff team.


Jen Russell, CEO

Tulgeen support helps young artist to win NSW Government Artist’s Support Grant

Featured in Bega District News on 6 Jan 2017:  Choreographer Gabriela Green plans to bring inclusive dance to Bega.

Dancer Gabriela Green from Bega’s own fLinG Physical Theatre  has been successful in her application to travel and study inclusive dance in Germany.  Gabriela and fLinG artistic director, Rob visited INSYNC for some dancing last year.

Tulgeen wrote a strong letter in support of Gabriela’s application.  During negotiations in 2016, it was agreed if successful, Gabriela would work with Tulgeen’s clients to produce ‘On Display’ a dance installation for all abilities by choreographer Heidi Latsky.  This has been performed all over the world.

The idea of ‘On Display’ is stage a public performance in Littleton Gardens to celebrate International Day of People with Disability in 2017, inviting members of the public to join in as we work towards the actual installation.  It’s intention is to be a TRUE COLLABORATION between people of ALL abilities and a celebration of community.  Tulgeen invites all members of the community to join us when the time comes.




Tulgeen welcomes 2017 with excitement and anticipation as we build on the successes and achievements of 2016; a highlight was our successful transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  All Tulgeen’s clients within the first cohort for Southern NSW have their First Plans and planning for clients in the second cohort is well underway.  We are delighted to report that we have had a very positive experience with the NDIS and it is making a positive impact on the lives of people with disability.

The work commenced in 2014 to ready Tulgeen for the NDIS has positioned us well for success.  Tulgeen moves into the future with a robust workforce underpinned by policies, systems and processes supported by appropriate ICT.  Our diverse range of NDIS services is provided by an multi-disciplinary team of professionals and informed by evidenced-based industry good practice.  Tulgeen is proud of our achievements and we look forward with enthusiasm to 2017 and to welcoming new NDIS participants to our service and extending our offering across the Southern NSW area.