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Laurie Laurie Pearce, a valued member of the Riverside Nursery team

Laurie Pearce has been volunteering at Riverside Nursery for four years, faithfully and generously giving his time for a full day each Thursday, rain or shine regardless of season.

Laurie has completed some training in horticulture and uses his skills to undertake and assist with a range of jobs including tube stock propagation, detailing,  potting and cleaning. Along with Supported Employee Joel Bradley, Laurie prices most of the stock at Riverside Nursery.  Being a true “green thumb” his specialty and passion is growing heirloom vegetables at his home in Bega.

If you’re around on a Thursday, make sure you say hello to Laurie.

Laurie, you make an invaluable contribution to the Riverside Nursery and are a valued member of our team and Tulgeen family – a true community hero.  Tulgeen thanks and salutes you!!



KATHY1 Kathy with Mitchell

Kathy Porteous is an integral part of Special Olympics or Special O as its affectionately known for the Far South Coast region.  Many, many Tulgeen and non-Tulgeen participants have starred in Special O events over the years.

Kathy is an ace soccer trainer as is seen drilling the team each week.  Two summers ago, Kathy initiated summer training at the Pambula pool as a way for the team to maintain their fitness over the summer in preparation for the next soccer season.

Over the years, she has demonstrated a genuine commitment to the Special O community and to Tulgeen. Kathy gives her time generously and regularly to ensuring training occurs and she accompanies our team on its ‘away’ games which are played as far as in Newcastle and as an active fundraiser for Special O activities.  She also participates in the Far South Coast Sub-Committee of the Special Olympics Representative Committee. All this on top of her regular day job.

Kathy is a regular face around Tulgeen, both as the proud mum of Mitchell who an active participant in Special O and in INSYNC and as a supporter at our events and functions.  Tulgeen can always count on Kathy!!

Tulgeen salutes you Kathy.  Many thanks for your active and generous contributions!!


kris walker 2 kris walker embroidery

Kristina Walker has a long association with Tulgeen as a volunteer and as an advocate and carer of her sister Maryann who is a long standing Tulgeen participant.

From 2002 – 2013 Kristina served as a Director on the Tulgeen Board providing guidance and governance to the organisation as it achieved milestone highs as well as some difficult times.  As a carer and advocate of a sister with disability , she brought invaluable insight to the table.

Throughout and since that time, Krisitna has been a regular presence in and around Tulgeen.  Kristina’s is a regular volunteer at Tulgeen’s social and disability enterprise Stitches and Prints where she is a deft hand at all things related to sewing, crafting and embroidery. She is an invaluable part of the Stitches and Prints team beloved by our clients and staff alike. And not only does Kristina volunteer, she also manages to rope in her friends on occasion.

Over the course of many years, one of Kristina’s traditions was to supply Christmas gifts for every single Tulgeen client for the Santa giveaway during the annual Christmas celebration. Her generosity of spirit brought Christmas cheer to many.

Kristina heads off on a well earned cruise on 10 April; her first time abroad.  Bon voyage Kristina -we wish you a restful and joyous holiday.

Tulgeen salutes you Kristina.  Many thanks for your contributions over many, many years.



Lesley has been a volunteer at Tulgeen’s Social and Disability Enterprise Riverside Nursery since 2014.  A keen gardener, Lesley’s first contact with Tulgeen was through the Riverside Nursery as a customer. Inspired by the work undertaken at the Riverside Nursery, and wishing to make a contribution, Lesley volunteers her time at Riverside Nursery in Bega, working alongside our supported employees and Tulgeen support and horticultural staff.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Lesley frequently returns to Africa. She is also an avid traveller and undertakes extended journeys around the globe; her latest being planned is to Greenland.  As a result, Lesley visits and works as and when she is available.

She is a welcome addition to our Riverside Nursery team and Tulgeen community.  We always look foward to her energy and her tales from afar.

Tulgeen salutes you Lesley.  Many thanks for your contribution.