Art in the Garden – A Festival of the Face Event @ Riverside Nursery

Exhibition extended until 30 June !!

From 14 June 2014 for one week only, visit colourful exhibits at Tulgeen’s Riverside Nursery at Taronga Crescent, Bega. Open 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday. Look out for our sign and the Festival flag on the Bega-Tathra Road.


curated by Leigh Gordon and Jen Mackenzie, featuring works by

Emily Brown, Stephen Davies, Craig Haining, Susan Harrison, Ashley Irvin, John Kivits, Maryann Kroll, Miriam Kydd, Mitchell Porteous, Anne Russell, Joy Umback, Catherine Williams, Jeffrey Young

Abstract iterations of faces.  All works for sale.


flower faceHEAD ON A STICK

Faces in the tunnel house










WACKY FACES- Small Sculptures from Tulgeen’s Craft Programme



Festival of the Face Events at Tulgeen


The Riverside Nursery at Taronga Crescent will be the focal point for Tulgeen’s contribution to the Bega Festival of the Face.  The garden centre provides an energetic and colourful backdrop for a week long feature exhibition ‘Head on a Stick’ commencing on 14 June 2014.


Tulgeen’s clients will produce sculptural heads and/or masks which are mounted on sticks in a feature backdrop, especially constructed for the Festival.  Additionally, works of art from Tulgeen’s eminently collectable artists from Art in the Garage will be on exhibition and for sale.  Small sculptures with interesting faces from Tulgeen’s Training and Education Craft program will be on view throughout the garden.

THE GIANT FACE – progressive community event

Tulgeen will be producing the centrepiece for the community bonfire at the culmination of the Festival.  A large face will be produced for burning at the bonfire.  This will provide a spectacular effigy with glowing eyes.  The face will be in construction at the Riverside nursery from the commencement of the Festival. Members of the public are invited to join Tulgeen staff and clients in its construction at a series of family events.
The first of these building sessions will be on Thursday, 12 June from 2-4.30pm. We look forward to seeing you there!!

Business Services Expo

Tulgeen’s ADE’s (Australian Disability Enterprises) were recently part of  the  Business Services Expo organised by Bega Valley Shire Council. It provided a great opportunity to network, share skills and work towards Tulgeen strengthening its local market presence. It was also a valuable opportunity to promote and raise the profile of Tulgeen’s businesses in particular Riverside Nursery and Bega Valley Work Crew.

Business Skills Expo at Bega Showground Pavilion

Business Skills Expo at Bega Showground Pavilion

Derek from Riverside Nursery at the Expo

Derek from Riverside Nursery at the Expo


Riverside Nursery in the news

Recently Riverside Nursery was part of a Bega gardens tour conducted by the Horticultural Society of Canberra. An article about the visit was published in Horticultural Society of Canberra newsletter (Issue 348: May –  July 2014).

RN Article

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TES Crafts

Meet the two ostrichs that were created by TES clients in Jennifer Austin’s Craft Group. The pink headed one is called Gavin. The black headed one is called Jennifer.  The group has also been busy making bags, cushions and pillow covers.

Capture Ostrichs



Fun Club – Pink Ribbon Day

Another example of the type of activitiy that the Fun Club at TES  runs is the Girl’s Night Out. This was held in conjuction with ‘PINK RIBBON DAY’.  All monies raised went to Breast Cancer Fund-raising.

Fun Club – TES

This is an example of the types of activities that the Fun Club at TES runs.

The Kalaru Races.  In attendance was a good social mix of client’s who got on together and enjoyed the fashions, the races and all the hype that goes with it.

Graeme cheering