New Product Line

Stitches and Prints have produced an exciting new product.

Washable covers for Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy Beds

Introducing the new Physio Sheets.

Great snug fit,

Great durability,

Great comfortable fabric,

Great economical price,

$35.00 each inclusive of GST.

Postage and handling extra.

Purchase through on line shop here or

Phone Stitches & Prints on 64990860

Pyschio Sheets


TES Crafts

Meet the two ostrichs that were created by TES clients in Jennifer Austin’s Craft Group. The pink headed one is called Gavin. The black headed one is called Jennifer.  The group has also been busy making bags, cushions and pillow covers.

Capture Ostrichs



Fun Club – Pink Ribbon Day

Another example of the type of activitiy that the Fun Club at TES  runs is the Girl’s Night Out. This was held in conjuction with ‘PINK RIBBON DAY’.  All monies raised went to Breast Cancer Fund-raising.

Fun Club – TES

This is an example of the types of activities that the Fun Club at TES runs.

The Kalaru Races.  In attendance was a good social mix of client’s who got on together and enjoyed the fashions, the races and all the hype that goes with it.

Graeme cheering

Riverside Nursery Display at Bega Show

Tulgeen were invited to provide a display at the Bega Show this year for the Riverside Nursery.  This is a fantastic opportunity to promote the Nursery; the supported employees and artists whose works are helping to brighten up the display. See attached photo to view the wonderful display of Riverside Nursery plants and art works from Tulgeen.



Hand Made Quilt

This beautiful Hand Made Quilt was made by clients and staff during day programs at TES.

It is available for sale through the on line shop.

Hand Made Quilt

Hand Made Quilt

New TES Annex Opening

The new TES annexe was officially opened on Friday 29.11.2013.

Tulgeen staff and clients, friends and advocates gathered to celebrate the long awaited opening. Andrew Constance led the opening ceremony and gave a heart-warming speech about the wonderful services that Tulgeen have to offer to people with a disability.  The red ribbon was cut by Andrew and he was assisted by clients Jacinta Robinson, Susan Harrison and Jennifer Russell. Chas Keyes and Kristina Walker were thanked for their years of support on the Tulgeen Board and given gifts of appreciation by the Tulgeen Board President Gae Rheinberger.

Pete Gorton, newly appointed CEO of Tulgeen thanked everyone for attending and spoke of Tulgeens vision for the future. Pete invited Betsy Hilton to join him in the cutting of the Tulgeen 30th anniversary cake. Betsy’s son Zeke spent many years attending TES and the new annexe has been dedicated in his memory. The new annexe is a result of many years of hard work to achieve the initial funding, assisting with the planning and building, jumping the hurdles as they presented themselves and finally fitting out the new area for clients activities to commence.

Thank you to all who were a part of that journey. Well done.


30th Birthday Gala Dinner

Well done Tulgeen, 30 years of funding and supporting people in the local area achieve their full potential. This was a milestone for the whole community to come together to celebrate.

Clients, staff, parents, advocates, the Board, community supporters, local & regional ADHC staff and the Member for Bega Andrew Constance all enjoyed a great evening of conversation, food, music and dancing. It was great to share conversation that is not part of an Agenda Item and mingle with a wide variety of guests. From all accounts the food, the venue, the music and especially the dancing was enjoyed by all.

A photographer from the Bega District News was present on the night and some of the stunning fashion and people attending were featured in the local paper.

TDS 30th R&A

Littleton Gardens 30th Celebration


Friday 15th November marked another successful event in Tulgeen’s calendar. Littleton Gardens was the venue for clients to celebrate Tulgeen’s 30th Anniversary with the public.

Marquis were set up to display the pictorial history of Tulgeen; the Riverside Nursery showcasing a wide selection of plants; Stitches & Prints with their products; TES and Art in the Garage with a selection of art and craft works; and the Bega Valley Workcrew displayed some of their equipment.

Whilst a little bit slow to start, once the clients and staff arrived Littleton Gardens was brought to life. The Jellat Jellat Rural Fire Service provided a barbeque lunch for everyone including the passing public. A big thank you to the Robbie Thatcher the brigade captain and his able and jovial volunteers.

Apart from lunch the highlight of the event would have to have been the ‘music programme’ where clients and staff gathered for a Tulgeen famous sing along. Thanks must go to Leigh Gordon and Christine Boyle for coordinating, participating and making the sing-along such a success. And a thank you to Adele Wilson for joining in.

All in all everyone had a good day out, the Nursery and Stitches & Prints sold about $560.00 worth of plants and product; the Workcrew got a couple of jobs; and Tulgeen supplied 65 lunches to both clients & staff.
Well done everyone concerned.

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