Residential in-home Support

Diversity and Choice Doing Things We All Expect to do at Home

Tulgeen provides secure accommodation and invidualised support for people with disability who wish to live in the Bega Valley Shire and surrounding districts.

You can be assisted to live within the community in a variety of residential settings, supported by professional staff who meet your specific needs. Models of support range from 24 hour support to drop-in support provided within a range of residential settings including group homes, high needs cluster living, community housing or your own home.

If your support needs are high you are able to receive 24 hour, one to one support, as required.

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Tulgeen provides levels of support you set and our aim is to promote and/or support your independence in all facets of daily living to:
o manage and access medical services, health care, and/or allied health or specialists,
o develop independence and achieve personal goals,
o connect with work and day programs,
o access community services like banks and Centrelink, and
o socialise and participate in community activities.

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We know maintaining and/or achieving independence is important and Tulgeen supports you in maintaining and/or acquiring skills in:

  • budgeting, saving and bill paying;
  • independent living and household tasks;
  • managing your own health and wellbeing;
  • menu planning, grocery shopping and cooking;
  • installing/connecting and using services in your home eg the internet;
  • personal shopping and connecting with mainstream or specialist services;
  • planning and/or taking a holiday;
  • making important life decisions like writing a Will.


As well as ongoing choice and control in how you live your day-to-day life you have the opportunity to formally identify your personal goals and work out how to achieve your goals. If you choose, you can be supported by a `Keyworker’ to realise your aspirations.

Tulgeen’s vision and mission is to support you in living ‘a good life’ and we offer a whole of life service supporting you through life transitions.

For more information contact or phone Rose Hulst on 6499 0828.