Social and Disability Enterprises – Providing meaningful supported employment


Tulgeen offers four social and disability enterprises. Our accredited Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) offer supported employment and vocational training for people with disability. Managed by Tulgeen, our enterprises offer a range of supported employment to empower people with disability in the workplace in learning, maintaining and expanding workplace skills.

The four social and disability enterprises are:

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Each provides reliable, high profile work opportunities.  Supported employees work alongside experienced Tulgeen staff who  in a range of vocational skills relevant to each of the four workplaces.

Supported employees receive an agreed minimum wage, in line with a Government and Industry approved and accepted and approved Wage Assessment System.

Our Enterprises are audited annually by an independent auditor bsi (appointed by the Department of Social Services) to ensure that we meet the National Disability Service Standards.

ADEs bsi

Tulgeen’s Competency Based Wage System

Tulgeen’s Competency Based Wage System was developed by Greenacres Disability Services in conjunction with United Voice. The system aims to provide a wage system for Supported Employees (employees with disability) which is fair, objective and equitable. There are three distinct areas of work performance:

  • Task Skills – specific skills undertaken to directly complete a job;
  • Underpinning Skills – general vocational skills necessary to maintain successful employment;
  • Productivity – measured against employee’s peers.

The System is designed to support a three step wage range, progressing towards open (ordinary/regular) employment through skills based remuneration i.e Competency Based Wages to Supported Wages to Award Wages.

Benefits of the `system’  include individual learning goals, developed during person centred planning, and the development of career paths available for all employees.

wage assessment

All Tulgeen Social and Australian Disability Enterprises operate under the principles of EEO and Affirmative Action.

Tulgeen aims to ensure adequate resources are available for the Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE’s) to operate as competitive businesses within the `open market’. Concurrently, appropriate levels of support are provided to Supported Employees by Tulgeen staff within the workplace.  This requires a delicate balance between the provision of support services and actively managing each business to achieve sustainable practices and revenue.

Financial reviews, strategic business planning, and marketing & promotion factor highly in this position. Other responsibilities include:

  • Promoting the ADEs and Tulgeen Disability Services as a whole;
  • Exploring new opportunities to expand the services offered by the ADEs, and
  • Identifying new customers and markets for the products and services of the business services.

To engage any of our social and disability enterprises or to find out more about supported employment, please contact Tulgeen on 02 6499 0800 or

Australian Disability Enterprises are partly funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services.