Tulgeen Code of Conduct

Our Conduct at Tulgeen

Professional conduct demonstrates a person’s ability to act appropriately in all circumstances, and helps to ensure the delivery of high standard services.

Tulgeen workers are expected to know and act in accordance with our code of conduct.

  1. A Tulgeen worker must behave in a way that upholds the values and the reputation of Tulgeen.
  2. A Tulgeen worker must treat everyone with respect, courtesy and fairness. Tulgeen workers must respect all individuals, their traditions, beliefs and lifestyles provided that such are compatible with the rule of law and this code of conduct. It is unlawful to harass, vilify or victimise someone or discriminate against any person based on:
  • age
  • sex
  • pregnancy
  • disability (includes past, present or possible future disability)
  • race, colour, ethnic or ethno religious background, descent or nationality
  • marital status
  • sexuality
  • gender identity and/or status.
  1. A Tulgeen worker must act with care and diligence at all times.
  2. A Tulgeen worker must know and comply with provided policies, procedures and guidelines that relate to their duties.
  3. A Tulgeen worker must comply with any lawful and reasonable direction given by someone who has authority to give the direction.
  4. A Tulgeen worker must comply with the law.
  5. A Tulgeen worker must take reasonable steps to avoid conflicts of interest, report those that cannot be avoided and co-operate in their management.
  6. A Tulgeen worker must only access, use and/or disclose confidential information as required by their duties.
  7. A Tulgeen worker must not make improper use of their position or Tulgeen information or resources.
  8. A Tulgeen worker must report the misconduct of other Tulgeen workers to their supervisor.

 Tulgeen delivers conduct excellence through this shared understanding of behavioural expectations.