Tulgeen committed to staff development

Tulgeen Disability Services has a strong commitment to support staff with their learning and development. As part of a recent initiative, four staff have been provided additional opportunities for career experience/advancement across the Tulgeen Group.

Expressions of interest were sought from current staff to act in coordinator and administrative roles across the organisation.  CEO Jen Russell said it was pleasing to have such a great response.

“We invited current staff to express interest to act in a position when people usually in those roles were on leave,” Jen explained.

“We were delighted at the response. All staff have indicated their interest in career pathways for professional development, effectively playing an important role in succession planning”, Jen went on to say.

“Congratulations to Kim, Petrina, Mark, Annie and Jacoba who will be mentored and supported in their placements”, Jen said.

Tulgeen CEO Jen Russell says she is excited for the next chapter of Tulgeen. “With our passionate, energetic and innovative bank of staff and volunteers, Tulgeen is absolutely thriving”, Jen said.


Pictured here- Mark, Kim, Jacoba and Petrina delighted to have the opportunity. Not in picture- Annie.