WIRES and Tulgeen

Tulgeen Client, Ryan is working towards completing his TAFE Certificate II in Animal Studies, and recently completed the Rescue and Immediate Care Course with WIRES.

On Saturday, the WIRES call went out to the volunteers – “Immediate Rescue is needed for Satin Bowerbird at Wallaga Lake (hit wall, concussed, beak injury)”.  Ryan was contacted, and he and his brother Lachlan, drove out to the site.

Relying on Ryan’s recently learned skills, the pair rescued the bird, and safely delivered it to the Grand Hotel in Bega, where WIRES members were holding their AGM. The little bird was contained in a towel-covered rescue basket under the pool table, and the bird was kept quiet and warm during the meeting before being taken to a member’s house for further care.

Congratulations, Ryan for successfully carrying out your first WIRES rescue!